Cambridge Labour failure on ‘shocking and pervasive’ transphobia in its ranks.
Cambridge University Liberal Association call for bigoted councillors to be suspended after years of inaction.

CW: Transphobia

We are deeply concerned that Cambridge Labour councillor and former City Council Deputy Leader Kevin Price’s Twitter feed is filled with transphobic and hateful retweets. Often posting every other day, these include tweets attacking the LGBT+ charity Stonewall for supporting trans rights, and retweeting accounts describing people who are trans as “fetishists”.

An LGBT+ member of our society who saw the account and contacted us describes Price’s behaviour as “obsessive”, adding: “More of his recent tweets are about the ‘threat’ of trans women than talk about Cambridge or the council. To see the Labour party in Cambridge condone such bigotry is shocking. They expect the votes of the LGBT community but throw it right back in our face. Why don’t they suspend him?”

Perhaps most worryingly, Price has liked content praising former Cambridge Labour councillor Ann Sinnott for launching a crowdfunder to challenge the right of trans women to women’s spaces and services (a fund that has raised £40,000). The former Labour councillor only resigned when a trans woman successfully brought the council into line with the Equality Act, not under pressure from the local Labour party. Rather than distance themselves, local Labour figures like Price have chosen to indulge and praise Sinnott’s ‘campaigning’.

Price is not alone: another Cambridge Labour councillor, Carina O’Reilly, has retweeted similar posts, including (like Price) attacks on Stonewall for its trans-inclusionary positions. She has also written her own content attacking trans women, for instance saying: “‘woman’ is not a costume. ‘Woman’ is not an idea in a man’s head. ‘Woman’ is not a pink brain”. This was liked by senior local Labour figure, Clare King, who previously a Labour candidate in council elections, standing in a Labour target ward; she also serves as a school governor.

We attach images of a selection of tweets from Councillors Price and O’Reilly below.

Transphobia in Cambridge Labour appears to be rife – permeating every level of the group. No action has been taken by the Labour group towards Price or O’Reilly, the former of whom, until recently, occupied a top leadership role before deciding to step down. The Labour politicians who run our city are at best indifferent to the suffering of trans people; at worst, they are prejudiced against them. CULA call on Cambridge Labour to suspend these councillors for their hateful statements which attack the safety of their constituents.

CULA are also calling on Cambridge University Labour Club to publicly condemn these actions by leading members of the local Labour party. Will you continue to campaign for this Labour council group while they tolerate and indulge in anti-trans bigotry?

CULA and the Liberal Democrats are absolutely clear: trans rights are human rights; prejudice has no place in our city. If any student has encountered transphobia or bigotry from Cambridge Labour campaigners, or from any party – online or offline – please do get in touch.

Selected Anti-Trans Tweets and Retweets from Cllr Price and Cllr O’Reilly

CW Again: Transphobia

Selected Anti-Trans Tweets liked by Cllr Price