Thank you to everyone who entered our baking competition! All the entries looked absolutely fantastic, and we are only disappointed we couldn’t try any of them! We have selected our favourites, but we want to celebrate everyone who entered, and to that end have collected all of the entries here.

Georgia Gray – Liberal Lemon Lockdown Cakes

Our first entry is from Georgia Gray, who baked these delicious-looking and liberally yellow lemon cakes!

“Hi! This is my submission to the bake-off competition. They’re liberal lemon lockdown cakes! The liberal theme is obviously the yellow, the ‘liberal’ spread of icing, and I thought I’d do something in the values of the Lib Dems by being kind and giving them to my neighbours, which is why they’re boxed up!”

Laurence van Someren – People Not Profit(eroles)

Our Junior Treasurer Laurence has made these cream-filled profiteroles, giving them a name that is unfortunately close to that of an Irish Trotskyist party – but that doesn’t stop them from looking tasty!

Alfie Robinson – Christogram Treacle Tart

Alfie Robinson baked a treacle tart with a rather niche significance:

“As an unreconstructed 12 year old atheist and Dawkins fanboy, one might expect a lack of tolerance for the trappings of religion. On the contrary. As a liberal, I reserve the right to indulge – indeed corporeally – in the image of Christ. Pictured is a sweet treat, viz., a treacle tart, in which I have deftly and respectfully incorporated the monogram of Christ in the form of the late-medieval textura letters ‘IHS’. It is a message, nay, beacon of toleration and openness to liberals everywhere. I ate the tart wielding a chainsaw in the other hand, destroying the nearest green belt.”

Beatrix Swanson Scott – Easter Pavlova

Beatrix submitted three entries to the baking competition – all appropriately yellow!

“My first thought re liberal cooking was lemon curd, so I made a batch, and am so keen that I have crafted three bakes from it over the week!”

This first one is an Easter-themed pavlova, about which Beatrix had the following to say:

“*Insert hot take about the Church of England*”

Daniel Jordan Davidson – Sourdough Twist

My predecessor as press officer, Daniel Jordan Davidson, baked a some bread, served with a liberal helping of jam.

“It’s a twist down but I promise u it tastes delicious.”

Beatrix Swanson Scott – Hot T/Cakes

Beatrix’s original idea for the competition: hot cakes with hot takes attached, straight from the CULA chat!

Honourable Mention 1: Oliver Riley – Paddy Ashdown’s Hat

One of the oldest and proudest liberal traditions is roundly mocking and disrespecting our leaders and ourselves; and it was in this spirit that we have given an honourable mention to Oliver Riley, who went to the trouble of baking a hat-shaped cake to stick it to former party leader Paddy Ashdown and the party as a whole.

“The exit poll released on the 7th May 2015 had the former leader of the ‘Liberal Democrats aghast after predicting huge losses for his beloved party, and substantial gains for the Conservatives.

‘I’ll eat my hat if polls are right,’ he defiantly stated to a panel on the BBC.

Of course, the polls were right, and Paddy came away looking rather silly.

It will surprise no one to discover that like a true ‘Lib’ Dem, he failed to fulfil his promise **tuition fees, cough cough**. This is despite being presented with an edible hat on Question Time in the following days.

Here is a (somewhat shoddy, I’ll admit) Madeira hat cake (with chocolate icing) for one of you to eat in my place, proving that so-called ‘Liberal’ Democrats can be considered true to their words.”

Honourable Mention 2: Sophie West – Lib Dem Layer Cake

Our Deputy Events Officer Sophie takes the other honourable mentions slot, with this amazingly intricate tribute to the party in cake form!

“A cake with a liberal amount of layers, macarons, and icing. The cake is the deepest expression of internationalism, with the unity of the British Victoria sponge, the Italian meringue icing and the French macaron. With rainbow sponges on the inside, the cake expresses the Liberal championing of LGBTQ+ rights, with mellow, non-committal yellow icing so as to satisfy any centrist. Adorned with eleven white chocolate macarons, each represents one of the 11 Lib Dem MPs in Parliament, along with a few accompanying fondant portraits of Vince Cable, Jo Swinson, Layla Moran and Jamie Stone! (There were 5, but Nick Clegg did not make the trip outside).”

Winner: Beatrix Swanson Scott – Earl Grey and Lemon Macarons

And our winner is Beatrix with her third entry to the competition – an incredible amount of baking! She has a simple explanation for what these represent:

“The combination of typical English tea and a French classic symbolizes our European values – clearly liberal.”

And that’s all! Thank you to everyone who took part, and be sure to enter one of our other competitions – we are currently running a literature competition and a blog post competition! Details can be found on our Facebook page.

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