Thank you to everyone who entered CULA’s liberal art competition. The themes this time were:

  • The colour of victory
  • A liberal application of (Paint/Colour/Wool/etc – delete as appropriate)
  • CULA

We had a number of very strong entries but I thought Laurence’s submission “My Bed” displayed a great commitment to both aesthetics and liberalism.

Laurence is both sleeping and winning here.

Beatrix gets an honourable mention for her rendering of “Lib Dem Bird in Flight” crossed with that most liberal of anthems.

Clear the way for truly impressive art.

Laura entered her drawing of truly the most liberal spot in Cambridge, Gardies.

The ultra-liberal Rose Crescent.

And Josh gave us (as encouraged) a depiction of CULA’s chair.

And last but not least, with the deadline fast approaching, Hannah entered this, exceedingly conceptual piece.

I think it’s a metaphor for the coalition…

Thank you to everyone who took part and well done especially to Laurence and Beatrix!

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