Chair: Gabriel Barton-Singer

College: Trinity

Subject: History

CRSID: gbb24

Why I’m a Liberal: “On the whole I think people ought to be free.”

Secretary: Amy Stuart

College: Newnham

Subject: Natural Sciences

CRSID: acss2

Why I’m a Liberal: “I believe in the right of the individual to live and act freely, without unnecessary state intervention and regulation. I believe in equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic background, sexuality, religion, or country of origin.”

Junior Treasurer: Ed Pinnegar

College: St John’s

Subject: Human, Social and Political Sciences

CRSID: efap2

Why I’m a Liberal: 

Membership Development & Alumni: Samantha Onyekwere 

College: Gonville and Caius

Subject: Economics

CRSID: sjso3

Why I’m a Liberal: 

Campaigns: Friso de Graaf

College: Gonville and Caius

Subject: Natural Sciences

CRSID: fd337

Why I’m a Liberal: 

Press & Publicity: Nadia Hourihan

College: Trinity

Subject: English

CRSID: nh463

Why I’m a Liberal: 

Social Events and Vice Chair: Tom Turtle

College: Magdalene

Subject: History

CRSID: tht31

Why I’m a Liberal: 

Speaker Events: Claudia Anderson

College: Homerton

Subject: History and Politics

CRSID: cla35

Why I’m a Liberal: 

Digital: Joseph Krol

College: Corpus Christi

Subject: Mathematics

CRSID: jmk73

Why I’m a Liberal: I envisage a world in which we prioritise co-operation over confrontation, value individuality above conformity, consider the long-term implications of short-term actions, and in which all are free to lead a comfortable life.”


Local Party Liaison: Chris Powers

Studied at: Sidney Sussex

Works at: King’s College

Subject: History/European Studies


Why I’m a Liberal: “Socialism idealises the state, Neo-Liberalism idealises the market. Social liberalism has observed in history that all concentrations of power can be bad, so it is best to use the state and the market to hold each other in check, providing maximum opportunities for every individual. Plus, I love the EU. Very much.”


Senior Treasurer: Professor Eugenio Biagini

Fellow of: Sidney Sussex College

Subject: History

CRSID: efb21