Chair: Luke Hallam

College: Trinity

Subject: History & Politics

CRSID: lh600

Why I’m a Liberal: “Liberalism and Social Democracy are the most fundamental, progressive ideologies in this country. The two major parties forget this.”

Secretary: Becky Grubb

College: Magdalene

Subject: English


Why I’m a Liberal: 

Junior Treasurer: Samantha Onyekwere

College: Gonville and Caius

Subject: Economics

CRSID: sjso3

Why I’m a Liberal: “I believe in equal opportunity, social justice and the freedom of the individual, socially, politically and economically.”

Membership Development & Alumni: Peter McLaughlin

College: Downing

Subject: Philosophy

CRSID: pm664

Why I’m a Liberal: I am a liberal because liberal values – freedom of speech, democratic government, free trade and competitive markets, individuality, equal access to justice – are those that have consistently lifted human beings out of destitution and created human flourishing.

Campaigns: Freddie Poser

College: Gonville and Caius

Subject: Computer Science

CRSID: fp363

Why I’m a Liberal:  Social democracy has been a force for good across Europe and the world. I am proud to be a part of a party with such a strong pedigree

Press & Publicity: Daniel Davidson

College: Queens’

Subject: Economics

CRSID: djd54

Why I’m a Liberal: “A juicy blend of neoliberalism, radical fence-sitting and love of centrist dads. Driven to the flames of liberalism away from the incompetence of my local labour party back home and observing first hand the atrocity that was the Universal Credit role out under the Cameron & May Governments. The EU federalist dream is the only thing keeping me going.”

Social Events: Claudia Anderson

College: Homerton

Subject: History & Politics


Why I’m a Liberal: 

Speaker Events: Freddie Fisk

College: Robinson

Subject: History

CRSID: ff326

Why I’m a Liberal: I’m an optimist. Feedom should be positive.

Digital: Adam Davies

College: Magdalene

Subject: History

CRSID: ad900

Why I’m a Liberal: “Fully automated luxury gay space liberalism”

Senior Treasurer: Professor Eugenio Biagini

Fellow of: Sidney Sussex College

Subject: History

CRSID: efb21